We are an open book

Keeping quality, innovation and speed as our focal points, we are also developing and delivering bespoke ecommerce and complete IT solutions that surpass customers’ expectations.

Flashback/ The Past

There’s no dramatic history to tell to make you emotional, neither do we have any poetic introductions of generations who sowed the seed in the ’80s or ’90s whose blood, sweat and tears made the company. Born in 2015, Codiot is nothing but 100%, 24 karats, pure passion for providing one-stop solutions for all your business needs!

Here and Now/ The Present

Codiot Technologies is taking shape every day into a better version of itself with its curious mind, creative heart, and committed soul. It is creating milestones in the full spectrum of IT and digital solutions due to the unwavering support of its family of digital specialists, passing with flying colours in whatever project it takes upon.

Flashforward / The Future

The only dream of Codiot is to become a top-notch provider of complete digital solutions, of course in the world, because it is rightly said that, "when you dream big, you’ll achieve great things." Hence, we set our bar high every day and are confident that our meaningful work will swell us up both in size and client base.

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A group of creative tech-heads, Codiot, never settle for anything that is OK, instead, we aim to deliver excellence in what we do and transform your business such that you and your audience both taste the success and the fruits of it.


Codiot is dedicated to achieving the title of the best web development and mobile application development company in Ahmedabad and across the globe, serving meaningful technology with a people-first approach