Web Development

Codiot Technologies is a reputed web development company in India & USA. We build custom website on Php, Asp .net, Python, Shopify, Angular JS & Node Js Platform.

Php Development

PHP has made creating dynamic websites more accessible, and it enables developers to make high-class websites. 82% of the websites are utilizing PHP as a server-side programming language.

PHP saves the time and exertion of top to bottom coding and development for business solutions. Each of the PHP frameworks offers quick and secure application development and built-in functions like working with HTML that upgrades the presentation too.

Asp .Net Development

Asp .Net is one of the most proffered technologies for applications for business today. ASP .NET gives you full control of your development and can be utilized on any project, big or small.

ASP .NET provides a built-in client database with support for multi-faceted authentication and outside verification with Google, Twitter, and more.

Angular JS Development

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web application framework to create single-page applications. It is the most popular JavaScript framework made by Google!

Angular enhances the features of HTML to build a brilliant and dynamic UI for sites and mobile applications. It handles the entirety of the DOM and AJAX stick code you once composed by hand and places it in a well-defined structure.

Node JS Development

Node JS makes development process effective between front end and back end developers. NodeJS comes to a JavaScript runtime environment and uses JavaScript to write its basic modules.

Node.js has become a widely popular environment to create cutting edge, cross-platform, web and mobile applications with quick back-end and user-friendly front-end developments.

Shopify Development

Shopify is one of the most favoured platforms for an ecommerce store building, reportedly controlling more than 2,62,362 ecommerce websites globally.

Shopify offers a user-friendly system, for example, product inventory and order management as well as payment gateway integration. Shopify makes it a point to be the highest quality level of ecommerce.

Python Development

Python is a dynamic object-oriented language that offers solid support for integration with other languages and tools. Python allows building a wide variety of applications with different functionality.

The Python Package Index (PyPI) contains many third-party modules that make Python capable of interacting with the majority of different languages and platforms.

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